Northwind Pharmaceuticals is a nationally licensed pharmaceutical repackager and distributor that specializes in physician dispensing.  Our medication dispensing solution enables physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and dentists to stock prepackaged, unit-of-use medications, and dispense them directly to patients.  Physician dispensing is a growing trend nationally that provides tremendous value to the patient and the provider in the effort to reduce costs while improving outcomes.
Northwind’s doctor dispensing solution includes a wide array of prescription and OTC medications, MD Scripts software to manage the dispensing process, our Actionable Insights review and advisory service, extensive quality and compliance services, as well as the most responsive customer support in the industry.  Our doctor dispensing clients include: urgent care, occupational health, worksite, student health, weight management, dental, primary care, and a variety of other practice types.  If you are considering a physician dispensing, medication dispensing, or other onsite dispensing model, give us a call to learn why Northwind Pharmaceuticals is your best resource for a complete in-office dispensing solution.

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