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Founded in 1981, Pharmaceutical Corporation of America (PCA) began distributing repackaged pharmaceuticals to clinics across the United States. Initially focused on public health clinics, correctional facility clinics and student health centers, PCA expanded its customer base to include occupational health, urgent care, general practice, weight management, employer clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. In 2003, Phillip Berry became involved with PCA and had the opportunity to purchase the company in 2008. PCA was renamed Northwind Pharmaceuticals in 2010 when we moved to our new facility on the northeast corner of Indianapolis.Today, Northwind Pharmaceuticals continues the tradition started over 30 years. Our ready-to-dispense pharmaceuticals reach patients through hundreds of clinics coast-to-coast. Offering the products our clinics need, tools to manage the dispensing process and the most responsive customer service in the industry have made Northwind Pharmaceuticals one of the premier clinic dispensing solution providers in the country.

Northwind Philosophy

Northwind Pharmaceuticals operates by the core philosophies of its owner:

  • Follow the signs
  • Leave it better than you found it
  • Be a good steward
  • Make a difference

Northwind Principles

These principles guide the direction and operation of Northwind Pharmaceuticals. On a more interpersonal level, Northwind seeks to serve our stakeholders by being:

  • Responsive…to the needs and expectations of others
  • Consistent…in our effort, quality and delivery of our products and services
  • Committed…to the success of our industry, customers, employees and families

Our Management Team

philbw-web shot

Phillip Berry



Richard De Leon

VP, Quality and Service


Ronda Fox

VP, Operations

Dirk Harris

Director of Pharmacy


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