Northwind Pharmaceuticals for Direct Primary Care

Be your patients’ one-stop shop for primary care and medications.

Hint clients get a Hint discount off all orders from Northwind Pharmaceuticals for in-house dispensing.
Custom formulary to meet DPC needs
Access to free and low-cost diabetes supplies and medication
Custom ordering based on the needs of your patients
Get your patients the best deal on their meds
Northwind pharmacists are available to consult with you and your patients to discuss the best payment options based on their insurance or cash-pay status.
Exclusive Hint client perks:
Hint discount off all orders
Free shipping on orders over $75
Free MDScripts account that integrates with HintOS for inventory management
Deliver more value to employers

Northwind’s employer benefits mean that you have more to offer large employers that are considering DPC.

  • Rx@Work allows for worksite dispensing
  • Rx@Home (home delivery) means less time refilling prescriptions in your clinic
  • Optional full pharmacy solution for brand and specialty medications
  • Advanced analytics to identify cost-saving opportunities

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Hint Health and Northwind Pharmaceuticals partner to make in-house dispense easy and affordable for DPC practices
Primary care practices that use HintOS can now become their patients’ one-stop shop for primary care and medications. With this partnership, Hint clients will have access to the integrated inventory management system MDScripts for free when they fulfill their medication orders through Northwind.

Northwind also supports employers with High Impact Rx.

This means that DPC practices can deliver more value to employers with the additional value of medication dispensing and home prescription delivery.

Patients love Northwind because they get cost-effective access to brand, specialty, and generic medications. Patients also can schedule one-on-one pharmacist consultations that deliver savings back to their pocket.

Hint clients get special perks, including discounts on orders, a free MDScripts account, and more.

Learn more about this partnership and how you can take advantage of in-house dispensing on January 20th at 2:30 PM PT at a live webinar.

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