Contain and control your healthcare spend.

Wasn’t that the plan from the beginning?
Wholesale pharmacy benefit management exclusively for self-funded employers.

Inspired by you. For you.

There was a time when self-funding employee healthcare seemed like radical change and challenging the status quo seemed risky. Until it wasn’t.

For self-funded employers ready for what comes next, there’s Northwind’s RxAdministration. A radically better alternative to traditional PBMs.

Designed for employers who want all of the services of a traditional PBM without the invisible layers of complexity that increase the cost of your overall Rx benefit.
Traditional PBM
Access to generic, brand, and specialty medications
Therapeutic interchange
Claims adjudication onsite
Medication therapy management
Access to retail pharmacy
Onsite dispensing
Home delivery coordination with your onsite clinic
Rebate games
No games. Just pass-through rebates
AWP pricing mystery
Net cost
Spread pricing
Not with

Say yes to more control.

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A force multiplier for your worksite clinic.

The more care that originates from within your worksite clinic, the more you can influence your healthcare spend.

RxAdministration connects your pharmacy benefit directly to your clinic to multiply the impact of your investment in worksite medical services and medications.
Average immediate savings opportunities found during Northwind claims analysis
Here’s another way to look at it:
Average Northwind savings on an annual drug spend of $10M
Robust reporting helps you measure and manage your Rx Spend

Make your RX investment work harder for you.

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