Yes, you can!

Complete the circle of care with point of care dispensing.
The point-of-care is to help patients get better faster. Right?

That’s what you’re communicating when you hand patients their medication and send them home without the tedious hoop jumping that has come to define big healthcare.

It’s powerful medicine and it’s not just for worksite clinics.

It’s also for primary care and medical specialty clinics.
For urgent care and student health.

RxOnsite is for clinics and practices that want to add value and convenience to the patient experience and directly influence better health outcomes through improved patient compliance.
And it’s easier than you think.
With RxOnsite, most clinics can legally dispense commonly prescribed generic medications directly to their own patients without requiring a pharmacy license.

RxOnsite medications are pre-packaged with FDA compliant labeling in unit-of-use sizes ready to dispense.

Here’s How it Works.


A Northwind Rx specialist will work with you to build a cost-saving formulary based on your prescribing patterns.


We’ll walk you through placing your initial order using our dispensing system for easy ordering, labeling, inventory management, and tracking.


We’ll guide you in the set-up, storage, and safety of on-site meds so you can stay compliant with state and federal regulations.
Mark DeBruin, DO
DeBruin Medical Center
“For over 10 years, Northwind has helped me bring the benefits of prescription medications to my clients from within my office. Their solution has enhanced the value of my practice while directly impacting the health and wellbeing of my patients.”

RxOnsite in-office dispensing is ideal for:

Urgent Care
Student Health
Med Spas
Weight Management Clinics
Direct Primary Care
Dental Practices

RxOnsite Dispensing is available coast to coast.


We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions here. But If you’d like to talk specifics, reach out and we’ll be happy to show you how in-office dispensing can impact your patients and your bottom line.


Do we need a pharmacy license to dispense onsite?
Not usually. Practitioners who dispense do not need a pharmacy license since you are only dispensing to your own patients. Some states require a dispensing license, but most allow dispensing under your medical license.
How many medications do you recommend we stock at the clinic? And how do I know which ones to stock?
Our team will help you work out your initial formulary to find immediate cost savings and meet the most common needs of your patient population.
What’s the typical turn-around for ordering medications?
Most orders are shipped within 24 hrs.
We don’t have a pharmacist on staff. So who is allowed to dispense?
Regulations vary by state, but in most cases, any member of your staff can physically hand the patient the medication. In some cases, licensed staff is required.
How much time does it take to dispense?
Dispensing is quick! Less than a minute. Whether you use the manual or electronic tracking system, Northwind’s ready-to-dispense packaging and labeling make it fast and easy.


What are the start-up costs?
With Northwind, your only cost will be the medications you purchase.
Can we buy our medications directly from Northwind?
Yes. As a wholesale pharmaceutical distributor with a closed-door pharmacy, we can supply any FDA approved drug.
What added service fees should we expect to pay?
We don’t charge any additional service or software fees. You pay for medications only.
How do I determine how much to charge my patients?
Your goal is to be comparable to the co-pay your patient would have at the pharmacy. Remember, you are providing value through convenience and do not need to be the low-cost provider. Typically, you will add $5-$10 to your purchase price. That’ s revenue you keep. For low-cost generics, this will normally keep the patient price at or under their co-pay.
Do you direct bill to the employer?
Yes! We can direct bill to the employer or to the clinic.
What kind of shipping charges should I expect?
On orders over $200, shipping is free. For all other orders, standard shipping rates apply and there is no mark-up on our part.
Will my insurance increase?
It shouldn’t. Most clinics already administer medications and/or offer prescription samples from their office.

Set up and Support

What software /technology is required?
We use MD Scripts for ordering, inventory management, and reporting. All you need is a computer, a printer, and the internet. With our system, you can e-scribe from your EHR. Fast and easy.
How much physical space will we need to stock medications?
You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that the required footprint is small.
Can you help me set-up the clinic and train our staff?
Yes. We do this frequently.

Safety and Security

What kind of licensing does Northwind have?
Northwind is licensed in 45 states and is registered with the DEA and FDA. We comply with all state and federal laws and help our customers comply as well by providing properly packaged and labeled medications. Our order and fulfillment processes meet all State and Federal supply chain validation requirements and enable our customers to remain compliant as well.
What security requirements are there?
For legend drugs, you will use the same security procedures as you would use with your prescription samples. Controlled substance storage laws are a little stricter, often requiring double-locked security.