Turn your pharmacy spend into a pharmacy investment with Strategic Rx StewardshipTM

Stewardship for self-funded employers.

  1. Northwind offers a national pharmacy services platform that brings the logistics of drug distribution and home delivery pharmacy together with analytics, pharmacy benefits, chronic disease programs, and software to help create a Nexus of CareTM to influence healthcare costs and outcomes.
  2. What does good stewardship look like?
    • Leveraging medications to engage members by removing cost and access barriers through careful program design, wholesale medication access, and pass through manufacturer rebates.
    • Influencing clinical outcomes by closely pairing pharmacy with a primary care point of influence, and facilitating the process with Clinical BlueprintsTM that help engage, manage, and monitor participants as they move toward better healthcare behaviors.
    • Assessing the ongoing impact of the pharmacy investment with real-time data, clinically-centered analytics, and employer, medical provider, and patient collaboration on the RxStewardTM software platform.
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Results sooner than later.

Northwind’s clinical and data teams can quickly show you how to optimize your pharmacy spend for measurable improvements in clinical impact and overall costs.

What’s the secret? By identifying opportunities to reduce the cost of medications and identifying gaps in care/compliance, we can lower total cost of care by getting the right medication at the right price to the right place at the right time.

Our team does the work. You get the results.

Here’s how we do it.

We collect and analyze your healthcare and pharmacy claims data.

We identify hidden opportunities to reduce drug costs, remove barriers to medication access, target problematic chronic diseases, and engage patients in their own health journey.

We provide your team with our findings and a detailed plan for moving forward.

If you like what you see, we’ll come alongside you and your existing partners to implement the plan and measure results.

Flexible solutions for what you need now and what comes next.

Northwind’s worksite pharmacy solutions work alone or together to help you meet pharma spend goals while impacting population health.

Clinical BlueprintsTM

Clinical Blueprints™ provide a flexible framework for managing the care and costs of treating employees living and working with chronic conditions. We remove the barriers that keep high-risk, high-cost employee populations from engaging in their own health. Diabetes, Weight Management, Tobacco Cessation, Heart Healthy and 10 other chronic care programs are all ready for deployment for your members. Northwind Pharmaceuticals allows employers complete influence over your pharmacy platform.


Onsite dispensing, home delivery, and full network management all give the members access. Our proprietary software, RxSteward™ gives the employer the insights, visibility, and understanding into real-time plan data while Northwind Clinicians provide expert guidance on how best to leverage and manager you Rx investment.

Nexus of CareTM Integration

We believe employers have the power to influence healthcare costs. A Nexus of CareTM provides a point of strategic influence for the employer and plan members. Whether your Nexus is a worksite clinic, Direct Primary Care relationship, or a local healthcare system, we work with you to identify the right Nexus of CareTM model for your membership size and location.
Explore Clinical Blueprints: A pharmacy driven approach to chronic disease management.
Stop spending money on diabetes programs that don’t work. Invest in one that does.
Clinical Blueprints

Working with Northwind

Chad Perkins, MD
Ascension Health Employer Solutions
“Northwind has been an integral part of our value to our employer partners. Getting cost-effective prescriptions to patients in our worksite clinics or directly to them at home has dramatically improved access and adherence for the patient while saving our employer partners money.”
Linda Goeppner
Jasper Engines & Transmissions
“The JASPER Health WoRx program has been highly successful with 91% of participants making improvements and/or best managing their diabetes. JASPER Health WoRx appreciates its partnership with Northwind”
Lisa Day
Health and Wellness Program Manager, HR Center of Excellence
“Northwind is a key contributor to the care of our patients at the Kimball International Health Center. In addition to supplying medications for convenient onsite prescription fulfilment, Northwind provides services to our patients such as evaluation of medications for health conditions, curation and delivery of kits related to our Collaborative Care program and phone support for questions about medications and home delivery. Northwind simplifies our vendor administration by accommodating our medication needs nationwide and with transparency of medication cost which is important to us as we manage our self-funded healthcare plan.”

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