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Worksite pharma management solutions for self-funded employers.

Decreased absenteeism, fewer hospitalizations, a more productive workforce, and a healthier bottom line. Over time, a well-managed worksite clinic can likely deliver on all of these promises.

But if you want to accelerate that timeline (and why wouldn’t you?), we should talk about how to optimize your pharma spend to increase clinic value today.
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Results sooner than later.

In less than 30 days, Northwind’s pharma management team can show you how to optimize your pharma spend for measurable improvements in clinic impact.

How? By identifying missed opportunities and costly gaps in your current worksite health program that are negatively affecting costs and efficiencies.

Our team does the work. You get the results.

Here’s how we do it.

We collect and analyze your current claims data and pharma spend.

We identify hidden opportunities to optimize Rx spend such as, options for therapeutic interchange, uncaptured rebates, and overpriced medications.

We provide your team with our findings along with a detailed medication guidance plan.

If you like what you see, we’ll come alongside you and your clinic partners to guide plan adoption and measure results.
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Flexible solutions for what you need now and what comes next.

Northwind’s worksite pharmacy solutions work alone or together to help you meet pharma spend goals while impacting population health.

Working with Northwind

Beth Cisco
Cisco Consulting Group
“Northwind Pharmaceuticals brought compliance, convenience and cost savings to our wellness center employer partners and associated employees with their powerful Rx@Work and Rx@Home offerings.”
Chad Perkins, MD
Ascension Health Employer Solutions
“Northwind has been an integral part of our value to our employer partners. Getting cost-effective prescriptions to patients in our worksite clinics or directly to them at home has dramatically improved access and adherence for the patient while saving our employer partners money.”
Linda Goeppner
Jasper Engines & Transmissions
“The JASPER Health WoRx program has been highly successful with 91% of participants making improvements and/or best managing their diabetes. JASPER Health WoRx appreciates its partnership with Northwind”

Look Forward

Northwind’s pharmacy and on-site dispensing solutions can accelerate the impact of your workplace health program. Here are just a few of the long-term benefits you’ll see sooner rather than later.

Lower Rx Costs for Everyone

Save 25 to 50% on generic and brand-name medications with Northwind’s wholesale pricing and custom formularies that target high-cost drugs.

Balance Clinic Utilization

For new clinics, on-site medications drive patient utilization. For mature clinics, Rx home delivery frees medical staff to focus on patient care instead of dispensing.

Improve Medication Adherence

Improve patient access and adherence to therapies with on-site, pre-packaged dosing, refill reminders, and at-home delivery.

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