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Core value | Why We’re Here

Leave it better than you found it.

More than just a core value, it’s why we’re here. To examine existing processes, products, and solutions and provide ways to make them better. For you.
Better means less expensive, more efficient, easier, and measurable. So you can be more productive, profitable, effective, and accountable.
Improving a process, a product, or even a community, can feel exciting and risky. But experience tells us that the real risk is in settling for the status quo. So we encourage ourselves and others to ask better questions like, What else? Why not? And What’s next?

That’s the sweet spot for real transformation and that’s where we thrive as a company.
Core value | How We Work

Be a good steward.

Being a good steward is as much about you as it is about us. By leaning into this core value, we help you do more than find the best price on medications, we help you to be good stewards of your healthcare investment.
Good stewardship is taking responsibility and having accountability. And it’s about your bottom line.

Because there can be no mission without margin.
In the most practical terms, it’s us, helping you do the most you possibly can with each dollar that is entrusted to you. And, we’ll keep you accountable.

Our History

PCA bought by Phillip Berry, renamed Northwind Pharmaceuticals. Begins servicing first worksite health clinics.
Northwind launches closed-door, home delivery pharmacy to service self-funded employers and their worksite clinics.
Denton Pharmaceuticals, a New York-based, drug repackager purchased to expand operations with high volume repackaging capacity.
The 27,000 square foot, former St. Bernadette’s Catholic Church and School, purchased and renovated to house Northwind’s Indianapolis operations.
Northwind RxAdministration launched to provide wrap-around pharma spend optimization by improving employer access to brand manufacturer rebates and employee-patient access to the most cost-effective drug therapies.
Diabetes Clinical BlueprintTM launched to bring programmatic approach to chronic disease management while eliminating the barriers to accessing critical medications and supplies for patients.
Weight Management, Tobacco Cessation, and Heart Healthy Clinical BlueprintTM Launched
RxSteward 1.0 Launched
Core value | How We Got Here

Follow the signs and lead the way.

It might sound counterintuitive, but we believe leadership requires both a disciplined focus and a wide-open view of what’s happening around you.
Today, Northwind is licensed in 50 states. From our facilities in Indianapolis and New York, we work every day to help self-funded employers like you optimize your pharmacy spend.
Back in 2008, when the signs of a shifting healthcare marketplace began pushing-in on our clients and causing them to search for new ways to contain cost and manage employee healthcare, we paid attention.

For the next decade, we focused on growing our expertise, expanding our geographic footprint, building capacity, and creating a robust network of pharmaceutical sources and industry relationships that would help us lead our customers into the future.
Core value | Who We Are

Show up every day.

We’re a rapidly growing team of people who care deeply about showing up for each other, for our clients, and for our patients. Not just on the good days, but EVERY DAY.
For us, showing up means bringing the full weight of our collective knowledge and individual experiences into each situation to solve, to support, and to show others that we’re here for them too.
Showing up means more than just being present. You can be present and ineffective.

Our Leadership

Betsy Bigler


Ryan Choiniere

Sr. VP, Operations

Steve Zetzl

VP, Client Strategies

Ryan Watts

VP, Technical Architecture

Keith Graham

VP, Technology and Software Systems

Danielle Bodigon

Director of Client Strategies

Katherine Lurk

VP, Clinical Strategies

Demonstrating our values

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