Employees won’t mind a little extra convenience. You won’t mind the savings.

Rx@Home helps extend the value of your clinic without extending clinic staff. Productivity goes up. Costs go down.

Multiply the impact of your clinic and deliver more than prescriptions.

Prescription medications delivered to your clinic or employees’ home
A team of committed pharmacists ready to help patients and providers
Same great wholesale pricing, directly billed to clinic or employer
Unit dose adherence packaging for patients on multiple medications
Dramatically expands the number of medications your clinic can offer
Employer preauthorization for auto refills
Custom chronic care programs
$3 shipping and no administrative fee

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Is employee non-adherence costing your company money?

Employees who don’t fill prescriptions or take their medications as directed don’t get better. They get more expensive.

Access to medications through on-site and at home dispensing improves adherence by as much as 30%.

That’s better for them. And for you.
“Patients receiving their prescriptions through mail-service pharmacies follow their doctors’ prescribed drug regimens more often than drugstore users. This improves health outcomes and often reduces non-drug medical costs, such as hospitalizations.”
Source: American Journal of Managed Care
These 5 chronic conditions cost US employers $36.4 billion a year due to employee absence.
1. High blood pressure
2. Diabetes
3. Smoking
4. Physical inactivity
5. Obesity
Source: CDC
Linda Goeppner
Jasper Engines & Transmissions
“Northwind Pharmaceuticals has been a key player in enabling our medical team at our onsite health and wellness center, JASPER Health WoRx, to create a successful diabetic management program. Northwind partners with our team to timely provide quality diabetic care kits directly to our center so our team may hand supplies to participants during coaching and monitoring sessions, which removes many barriers of proper care. The program has been highly successful with 91% of participants making improvements and/or best managing their diabetes. JASPER Health WoRx appreciates its partnership with Northwind.”

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