Built for you.
One step closer to the promise of greater influence over employee healthcare outcomes and benefits cost.

More than a data platform. RxStewardTM is an information-you-can-use-today platform designed exclusively for Northwind clients.

Join us on the journey to better stewardship.

Use your data wisely.

As your pharmacy benefits partner, there is population health data tied to everything we do together. Every prescription dispensed. Every member served. Every dollar spent or saved.

RxStewardTM collects that data automatically so that you can have real-time visibility into— and influence over— how best to use your pharmacy benefit investments to achieve your population health goals.

Better together.

Together, Clinical BlueprintsTM and RxStewardTM enable you and your health center providers to collaboratively manage and monitor the results of Northwind’s chronic disease programs.
RxStewardTM gives the whole team real-time information, close to the point of care. So you can make better health and benefits decisions about your most high-risk, high-cost employees. Together.

Be part of the progress.

We’re building RxStewardTM to make managing your pharmacy benefit easier and more transparent. Two words you don’t normally associate with pharmacy benefits.

Something else for you.

We believe that investing in continuous improvement is essential to transforming healthcare. Northwind Academy is an online learning portal accessible from RxStewardTM. Exclusively for Northwind client’s and their care teams.
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RxStewardTM is a cloud-based platform available exclusively to Northwind clients and their population health partners and advisors. All Northwind clients engaged in a Clinical BlueprintTM program for chronic disease management are automatically eligible to participate in the pre-release use and testing of RxStewardTM along with their clinical partners. Together, we can build something special.