Katherine Lurk

VP, Clinical Strategies
Katherine Lurk, Pharm.D., BCPS, is Vice President, Clinical Strategies for Northwind Pharmaceuticals. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and completed her post-graduate pharmacy practice residency at Saint Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Katherine’s background in intense critical care and chronic care program development deepened her empathy for patient struggles along the healthcare journey and strengthened her resolve to help remove barriers to healthy outcomes and better quality of life.

In her role as Northwind’s VP, Clinical Strategies, Katherine leads development and deployment of our Clinical BlueprintsTM, customized programmatic frameworks to engage and support members living with expensive and difficult-to-manage chronic disease. She utilizes her deep clinical experience and expertise in program development to build solutions that remove cost and access barriers by leveraging medication, primary care, and population health management in a categorically different way.

Katherine differentiates herself as a pharmacist through board certification, maintenance of 47 active pharmacist licenses, extensive clinical experience, and a lifelong curiosity that leads her to continually ask how she can grow to better serve those who depend on her. Her ability to listen, connect, and solve problems, from the boardroom to the patient, translates into strong relationships with patients and clients.

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