You are now a week into the discovery that McKesson has decided to close its clinic dispensing business ( McKesson, PSS & DSI – Change Is Here).  If you are a small clinic, you have 30 days until the eDispense (or any other PSS dispensing platform) software is turned off.  Larger customers may have a bit more time to transition – but not much.  We are sorry you have to endure this transition but want you to know that there are companies available to help.  For the next 30 days, there will be about 2600 clinics looking for a new home.  Depending on the size of your operation, you may find it difficult to get quick answers or follow-up from prospective vendors.  I am writing this post to give you guidance on how best to engage my company, Northwind Pharmaceuticals, over the next 30 days. We are interested in your business and will work very hard to get you the information you need to make a decision regarding your future supplier.

  1. Everyone wants to know about pricing.  Please submit your formulary to Our team monitors this email address and it will be the fastest place to connect with us.  We WILL be competitive.
  2. Specific questions always help qualify customers and vendors.  Please let us know what is critical for your clinic and what you would like to see in a vendor (delivery, technology etc.).
  3. Yes!  We have great dispensing software!  We can make it very easy to migrate from eDispense (or whatever flavor of PSS dispensing software you are on).  We are happy to show you the software. However, my suggestion is that you make sure our pricing and your other service priorities are addressed first.  If we look like a good fit, I assure you the software will not be a barrier.
  4. How quickly can we transition you to our software and delivery platform?  Very quickly! For single clinics, we can get you up and running within a couple of days.  If you have more locations, it takes a bit more time but our team will work with you to meet any deadlines.  If you run into a situation where you are no longer able to get certain products, we can get you the medications you need almost immediately.  If you’ve been using another dispensing system, the learning curve for our system will be minimal.
  5. What makes us different?  Responsiveness.  We offer the same medications and similar software to most other suppliers.  However, we will get back to you quickly so you can make a decision.  Should you choose to work with Northwind Pharmaceuticals, our service difference will be a breath of fresh air!

Of course, you can always call.  Dial 1-800-722-0772 and one of our customer service professionals will be there to help.  However, following my guide above will make it faster for both of us.  Feel free to drop me an email at and I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.  Best of luck with your transition!

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