Phillip Berry

Phillip Berry is Founder and CEO of Northwind Pharmaceuticals. A graduate of Butler University, he has served on the board of advisors for the College of Business and is an active Butler alum.

Driven by a desire to transform businesses and communities through creative problem-solving, Phil leads the strategic vision of Northwind. His commitment to improving population health reaches beyond the workplace to creating positive health outcomes for underserved groups in his home town of Indianapolis and globally.

Phil has served as board Vice President for Gennesaret Free Clinics and as a member of the board of directors for Timmy Global Health. A graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program through Babson College, he went on to serve as a Business Advisor to that program and a mentor to other entrepreneurs.

Phil currently serves as a Board Member for the National Association of Worksite Health Centers.

An active blogger on healthcare and business topics, Phil has authored three books: Nexus of Care, Stones Across the River, and Every Day is Gameday.

Phil is based in Indianapolis and offices out of Northwind's headquarters at the former St. Bernadette’s Church and School.

Featured Articles

Voices Lost in the Noise

Phillip Berry | Jan 31st, 2024
In the health benefits world, the mad scramble toward January renewals/starts has subsided and attention has turned to the annual cycle of review necessary to gauge progress. How did we do? The plan review process generally centers on analytics to gauge progress or regress and to identify “areas of opportunity.” Good. The right data with … more »
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Can’t We Do Better?

Phillip Berry | Nov 1st, 2023
“We’ve got a problem.” That was the opening line to a presentation I made to a room of brokers, advisors, consultants, employers, and clinic management companies gathered at a worksite health clinic conference in January 2020. Though I proceeded to outline a host of health benefits issues facing self-fundedemployers, my message was really directed at … more »
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Calls for Transparency are Really Cries for Trust

Phillip Berry | Aug 31st, 2023
Earlier this week, I was meeting with an employer client as we prepared for a joint presentation we’ll be delivering. Our presentation is centered on strategies and tactics employers can deploy to influence healthcare costs and outcomes for members of their health plans. A recurring theme in our conversation centered on how difficult it has … more »
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