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Northwind Named Top 10 Pharmacy Solutions Provider

Moving Toward Strategic Rx Stewardship

Phillip Berry | Mar 3rd, 2021
The Wellness Council of Indiana and Northwind Pharmaceuticals are pleased to present a three-part webinar series titled Moving Toward Strategic Rx Stewardship. Please join us March 9 at 2:00 p.m. ET for the first webinar in this series. Hear from a panel of distinguished business leaders who will explore how employers can: better understand their pharmacy benefits; influence behaviors to … more »

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Self-Funded Employers Have a Drug Problem

Phillip Berry | Jan 22nd, 2021
What is the biggest issue self-funded employers have with their prescription benefit plan? Your first answer might be cost but that really isn’t the problem with medication benefits. Sure, we’d all like to get our prescriptions for free. Even accessing them for less would be nice. However, after hundreds of claims reviews showing significant cost … more »

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Our Health System Isn’t Broken

Phillip Berry | Dec 2nd, 2020
In his 2014 book, Zero to One, Peter Thiel introduces an interview question he frequently asked as CEO of PayPal: “What important truth do very few people agree with you on?” Scouring the headlines today, it has become de rigeur to conclude that the U.S. health system is broken. What exactly does it mean to … more »

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