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Population Health, Technology, and the Demand for Immediacy

In this digital age, we as consumers have become accustomed to the convenience of immediacy. Prior to the advent and widespread availability of the World Wide Web and soon thereafter mobile computing, the customer experience was inconsistent and became an exercise in patience. Today, with 2-day shipping, multi-channel communication updates, and over 70% of the U.S. having access to mobile service, customer expectation and customer patience have been moving in opposite directions. I’m sure you can figure out which one is going where.

Our own consumer experiences are shaped by what we have come to expect of our service providers. On-demand. Accurate. Actionable.

This consumer experience has slowly become the client expectation. All patients, providers, and clients who Northwind Pharmaceuticals serves have been influenced by their consumer experiences. These changes in consumer, patient, provider, and client expectations have materialized due to the effective leveraging of technology to answer questions and solve complex problems.

Whether we’re providing business leaders with financial data or clinicians with population health data, it is important that we let the data tell the story, but the story needs to be concise, directive, and provide a clear path to positive outcomes. Leveraging technology to assist us in this endeavor is the only way to effectively advance the discipline of improving quality of life.

So how is Northwind answering questions and complex problems as it pertains to the shift in expectations?


  • The speed at which we deliver information can be the difference between a positive healthcare outcome and something disastrous.
  • Mobile solutions have become an expectation and having an “app for that” isn’t a differentiator any longer – it is a must.
  • Self-service must be an option – that includes access to data, payments, and client/patient support – no more “request and wait.”


  • Northwind’s ability to accurately analyze gigabytes of data quickly converts that data into actionable information for our clients.
  • Accurately dispensing medications is priority 1 – ask us how we leverage automation and AI to ensure our patients medications are prepared quickly and error free.
  • Let us take supply chain, inventory, and formulary management off of your plate – our technical resources ensure you have what you need to serve your patients w/minimal overhead.


  • “Great information! So what do we do with it?” – we understand what moves the needle and our use of technology is the connective tissue that removes obfuscation and produces clarity.
  • Our team of clinical experts and analysts will use data to customize a pharmaceutical management plan specific to each employer, clinic, or plan.
  • We use historical, current, and predictive analytics to enable continuous adjustment and improvement of your population health management programs.

Processes and systems at Northwind enable us to accurately analyze thousands of lines of data in order to assist business leaders, providers, and even patients with making informed decisions. The use of technology to enable the free and secure flow of data between our systems and those of our clients has been key in extending this ‘convenience of immediacy’ to decision-makers and healthcare professionals.

Northwind’s ultimate mission is to enable self-funded employers to control their pharmaceutical spend. Some of this is accomplished simply by applying hard work and experience. However, we show our real value when we can solve complex problems and answer difficult questions by leveraging technology.

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