Week 1 – R X S T E W A R D S H I P

Moving Toward Strategic Rx Stewardship

The Rx symbol is thought to be an abbreviated form of the Latin word recipere, meaning “to take”, as in “take two and call me in the morning”. It is arguably the most common medical abbreviation and is easily recognized on store fronts, advertisements and literature regarding prescription medications.  At Northwind Pharmaceuticals, we recognize the universality of the symbol and have incorporated the Rx into our main offerings:  Rx@Work, Rx@Home and RxAdministration.

For self-funded employers, we fervently believe that your pharmaceutical spend is an investment in the health and well-being of your employees and that you should expect to maximize that investment with smart, cost-effective solutions. Because of this, we started a focused effort around Strategic Rx Stewardship.

Rx@Work is our health center dispensing and inventory management system, providing ready-to-dispense medications, dispensing software and an inventory tracking system to ensure your clinical needs are met while optimizing operational efficiency. We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive on-site/near-site health center training and support to make certain medications are available for patients at the point of care. We also work diligently with our partners to ensure that the formulary offered is in alignment with the medical needs of the population being served. If your employees are located in a state that does not allow physician dispensing, we offer Rx@Retail, a customizable retail alternative that enables minimized out-of-pocket expenses for employees and maximized savings for employers. 

Rx@Home is a full-service pharmacy that delivers prescriptions right to the patient’s doorstep, maximizing medication adherence through timely refills and automated reminders. Our team of pharmacists are available for consultation, patient education and collaboration on a wide variety of clinical issues. We are licensed coast to coast and can interface with telemedicine vendors to offer a solution to patients who receive care virtually. Although Rx@Home can be a stand-alone service, it is also a perfect complement to Rx@Work and allows employers to manage ongoing maintenance or high dollar specialty medications in a way that saves time and money for all stakeholders. For medically complex patients, or for those who just need a little assistance in remembering how or when to take their medication, we offer alternative packaging methods to increase compliance. Clinical blueprints are available to our health center partners and provide targeted, step-by-step disease education and management programs (i.e., asthma, diabetes, migraine) aimed at delivering high-value impact through improved outcomes and overall health benefit cost efficiency.

RxAdministration provides pharmacy benefit solutions. In addition to the core offering of eligibility maintenance, claims adjudication, formulary management, specialty services and pharmacy network contracting, RxAdministration provides a simple cost-based pricing model as opposed to a matrixed discount-based model that is often confusing. Rebate contracting and aggregation allow for 100 percent of the rebates earned to be put back in the hands of self-funded employers – where they belong.

We welcome the opportunity to connect with you to answer questions and provide a complimentary consultative analysis of current pharmacy spend. Just “take two” and then let’s have a conversation!

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