Steve Zetzl

VP, Client Strategies
Steve Zetzl, PharmD, RPh, is Vice President, Client Strategies for Northwind Pharmaceuticals. Steve is a graduate of the Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and completed a pharmacy practice residency at Methodist Hospital of Indiana. He has over 25 years of healthcare experience and has focused on a variety of areas within healthcare including pharmacy administration, population health, employee benefits and risk contracting. Steve led the employer health division for a large integrated health system and was responsible for health promotion services, occupational health, worker’s compensation, infusion services, employer on-site health centers and school partnerships.

Steve has been a member of multiple Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees; was an adjunct instructor for the schools of pharmacy at Butler University and Purdue University; and was a member of the Employer Wellness Task Force for JumpIN for Healthy Kids. He has presented at local, regional and national conferences and served as president of the Indiana College of Clinical Pharmacy.

Steve is active in the community and has participated in several Habitat for Humanity builds. At church, he volunteers at the food pantry, was co-chair of the Stewardship Committee and has served local and international missions. Steve enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children and cheering on the Butler Bulldogs.

Featured Articles

RxStewardship: H is for Hidden Costs

Steve Zetzl | Aug 31st, 2021
Week 11 – R X S T E W A R D S H I P Moving Toward STRATEGIC RX STEWARDSHIP™ Have you ever been surprised when looking at an itemized bill from your phone carrier? In a recent review of my own bill, I counted nine separate costs in addition to the charge for the actual service. Some of the … more »
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RxStewardship: S is for Specialty

Steve Zetzl | Jun 4th, 2021
Week 10 – R X S T E W A R D S H I P Moving Toward STRATEGIC RX STEWARDSHIP™ Charles Duell, who served as the Commissioner of the US Patent Office from 1898 to 1901, is often mistakenly attributed as saying something along the lines of “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Over time, this has … more »
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RxStewardship: D is for Diabetes

Steve Zetzl | May 21st, 2021
Week 9 – R X S T E W A R D S H I P Moving Toward STRATEGIC RX STEWARDSHIP™ During last week’s “R is for Results” post, we made the case that while simple metrics are a good starting point for measuring outcomes, it is important to try to move toward a longer-term goal of … more »
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RxStewardship: R is for Results

Steve Zetzl | May 14th, 2021
Week 8 – R X S T E W A R D S H I P Moving Toward STRATEGIC RX STEWARDSHIP™ R is for Results Seeing or hearing advertisements proclaiming results is commonplace for most of us. Promotions frequently tout the biggest sale of the season, unsurpassed warranties or life-altering results. My new personal favorite is an … more »
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RxStewardship: A is for Analytics

Steve Zetzl | Apr 22nd, 2021
Week 7 – R X S T E W A R D S H I P Moving Toward STRATEGIC RX STEWARDSHIP™ A is for Analytics “Things get done only if the data we gather can inform and inspire those in a position to make [a] difference.” – Mike Schmoker If you are a self-funded employer, a benefits advisor, … more »
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RxStewardship: W is for Webinar

Steve Zetzl | Apr 15th, 2021
Week 6 – R X S T E W A R D S H I P Moving Toward STRATEGIC RX STEWARDSHIP™ W is for Webinar Last month, in collaboration with the Wellness Council of Indiana, we kicked off our three-part webinar series entitled Strategic Rx Stewardship. We are now eagerly counting down the days until our second … more »
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