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Northwind Rx Platform – High Impact Rx for Worksites/Nearsites

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Northwind Pharmaceuticals offers a complete pharmaceutical solution to worksite clinics: onsite prepackaged medications, dispensing software, and mail order pharmacy services. Northwind Pharmaceuticals is built on service, flexibility, and leverage. Our organization is structured as a wholesale distributor of pharmaceuticals and mail order pharmacy but built as a multi-faceted platform to support increasingly complex primary health and specialty clinic operations.  Our platform includes:

  • Prepackaged, ready-to-dispense pharmaceuticals at wholesale prices
  • Software for ordering, inventory management, dispensing, and reporting with no added service fees
  • Technology integration capabilities with the EMR
  • Federal and state licensed drug repackaging and wholesale distribution capabilities
  • Business development and compliance support
  • Regulatory expertise as it relates to drug distribution and practitioner dispensing
  • Home delivery pharmacy services
  • Multi-site repackaging and distribution with locations in Indiana and New York
  • Northwind is licensed in 45 states and is registered with the DEA and FDA. We comply with all state and federal laws and help our customers comply as well by providing properly packaged and labeled medications. Our order and fulfillment processes accommodate State and Federal supply chain validation requirements and enable our customers to remain compliant as well.
  • Members of NAWHC – National Association of Worksite Health Centers, UCA Urgent Care Association member, and FMMA Free Market Medical Association member




Employer Health Model

  • Worksite clinic focus
  • Wholesale pricing with direct bill to clinic or employer
  • Cost containment measures – ability to establish a system of maximums and minimums that require approval by client
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) to meet client’s expectations
  • No software or service fees

Formulary Design and Review

  • Ensure that medication choices are based on current clinical guidelines with respect to cost
  • Make recommendations for savings opportunities
  • Remove redundancies when appropriate
  • Integration with mail order pharmacy
  • Coordination/communication with medical providers onsite

Pharmaceutical Sourcing

  • National wholesaler and direct-to-manufacturer contracts
  • Competitive wholesale medication pricing

Management/Administrative Support/Reporting

  • Assistance with compliance around regulations concerning distribution and dispensing
  • Program Leadership and project management services to ensure smooth transition
  • Consolidated reporting for billing, utilization, and onsite/mail order trending
  • Claims analysis and pharmaceutical evaluation support
  • Assistance with shared site setup and inventory management


  • MD Scripts Dispensing System
  • Training and support
  • New clinic setup
  • Reporting and analysis

DSCSA/Pedigree Management

  • Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements


  • 24-hour order turn around
  • Free shipping on orders over $200




Late in 2016, Northwind launched our closed door, home delivery pharmacy (Crosswind Pharmacy). The pharmacy was built to support our worksite clinic customers and has grown quickly through our first three years with numerous corporate clients and thousands of patients.  All medications through Crosswind are wholesale pricing direct to patient.  Crosswind is a full-service pharmacy offering brand and generic medications that can supplement or replace PBM services.


Employer Health Model

  • Closed-door pharmacy with home or clinic delivery services
  • Integration with onsite dispensing – worksite clinic focus
  • Wholesale pricing with direct bill to clinic or employer
  • Process to enroll patients into the home delivery program
  • Cost containment measures. The ability to establish a system of prior authorization that require approval by
  • Automatic refills per employer request
  • Competitive $3.00 shipping fee
  • No administrative fees or hidden service fees
  • Complements or replaces current PBM

Formulary Design and Review

  • Create custom formulary
  • Examples include: targeted, limited, or open formularies
  • Targets high-cost drugs to reduce expense for employer and employee
  • Custom programs available such as diabetes management, smoking cessation and mental health
  • Transparent contract pricing set for 1 year with annual price reviews

Integration with onsite dispensing model OR stand-alone option if no worksite is available to employees

  • Coordination/communication with medical providers onsite or with patients Primary Care Physicians
  • MD Scripts refill coordination

Pharmaceutical Sourcing

  • National wholesaler and direct-to-manufacturer contracts
  • Competitive wholesale medication pricing
  • PBM solution targets high-cost drugs to drive down costs


  • HIPAA compliant secure patient application (app)
  • Coordinates refill requests from patient to Crosswind to Provider
  • App timer to remind patient to take medications



  • Custom Formulary Development/Review
  • 7 Pharmacists available to providers and patients
  • Subject matter expertise on indication and contraindications for prescription and use
  • Claims Analysis
  • Lean Six Sigma Clinic Support
  • Analytics for Actionable Insights – Utilizations, trends, savings, opportunities
  • Compliance Support
  • Semi-Annual or Annual review with employer partner

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