What makes you different? Part II

What makes you different?  Sure, you offer medication dispensing, lab services, x-rays and a host of leading edge services.  Doesn’t everyone?  When asked that question about my business, I always come back to people.  Why chose PCA?  Well, because of me!  I’m different, unique, special, aren’t I?  In a world of duplicates, copy-cats, instant information and me-too’s the only real difference is the individual involved in the interaction.  Like me or hate me, I am different and a big reason you choose to work with me over someone else is the impression I leave.  No matter how much we want to market, position and sell our product, service or organization it boils down to the person delivering the message, taking the phone call or providing the service.

I was recently hiking in beautiful Southern Utah.  A morning of hiking in 112 degree heat had left me dehydrated and feeling quite ill.  I decided to stop in at a local urgent care in beautiful Cedar City, UT.  It was the standard experience.  I walked in, was begrudgingly greeted by the lady at the front desk and told to take a seat.  As I sat with the other seven people in the waiting area, I thought about the impersonal treatment of something so personal to me.  It was fifteen minutes before anyone even inquired as to my ailment and offered me the standard forms.  They didn’t know I was from out of town…they treated everyone the same way!  How did it play out? Exactly as you would expect. Typical. Impersonal.  I walked out with a script.  They didn’t even dispense medications!

How am I different?  Well, I want to understand your business.  What are the challenges?  In our case, is physician office dispensing the right solution for your clinic?  I can share what one hundred other clinics are doing and help the clinic evaluate their operation in comparison.  Do you treat worker’s comp patients?  We can help.  You want to accept insurance?  Let’s talk about that.  The point is, when my customers come to me, they get ME.  They get my expertise, my time, my focus.  Your practice is personal to me; that is key.  It is not just business.  It can’t be.  Medication dispensing is not just about medications just as a physical exam is not just about flesh and bones. 

Out of space again.  We will have to continue this rant in the next blog!  Have you come up with your own list yet?  I am a unique pharma distributor, you are a unique health care provider.  Think about it as it relates to your patients.  More to come…

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