stethoscope-on-keyboardA centerpiece in a strong physician dispensing program is the software used to manage the in-office dispensing process.  Since partnering with MDScripts, Northwind Pharmaceuticals has had the opportunity get closer to the software and our clinic customers who are using it.  We’ve been impressed with the breadth and depth of the application as well as the timely support offered by the MDScripts organization.  Here are some key points on this Best In Class solution:

  • Full Featured – Over the years, MDScripts has grown with it customers.  What started as a simple system for tracking inventory and dispensing transactions has turned into a power transaction and informatics tool.  Today the software manages ordering, dispensing, tracking, reporting and multiple points of integration with external systems.
  • Easy to Learn – Though the system has extensive capabilities, it is still easy to learn and easy to use.  Logical menus make the workflow simple to follow and the system guides the user along to complete transactions.  Complexity can be masked even further by limiting users to only relevant functionality.  We’ve found that our customers become proficient after a remote walk through on the system and a couple of follow up calls to answer specific questions.
  • External Integration – Over the years, the system has been integrated with many EMR applications.  Though this isn’t always necessary, patient workflow in some clinics works better with tighter integration.  We’ve found that the system also integrates well with our fulfillment system when receiving reorders as well as shipping orders.  Eliminating duplicate entry of data saves time and errors.  For us, integrating with MDScripts was very straightforward.
  • Powerful Reporting – MD Scripts has an extensive set of built-in reports to track inventory, dispensed medications, orders etc.  Though the organization is responsive to custom report requests, we’ve seen little need for reports beyond what are already included.  In addition to the internal reporting, a great feature of MDScripts is automated external controls reporting that submits state required data in the time-frame required by your state.
  • Auto Ordering – Another great feature of the system is the ability to set reorder points for inventory items and have reorders submitted automatically.  For larger formularies, this is a must-have capability that makes it easier for the clinic to manage their inventory and easier for us as their repackager to manage their orders.

We’ve been very pleased with the software from an impact on our clients perspective as well as a repackager perspective.  With software and service to support it, physician dispensing can be implemented with minimal disruption to the practice.  It is also a tremendous asset for ensuring quality and compliance for in-office dispensing program.  We’ll continue to watch for new developments in this space and provide updates.

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