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Success Is Yours. Just Ride the W.A.V.E.!

kite-surfersSuccess, that elusive mix of happiness, achievement and fulfillment. We all define it differently, measure it differently and pursue it differently. One of the beauties of success is that we can appreciate one person’s version of it without feeling that we want their particular brand. Of course, we can also envy another’s success because it looks pretty good from where we are standing. The great news is that the power to achieve our success lies in our own hands. Being successful is about building, and riding, the W A V E.

WILLDetermination. Perseverance. Persistence. At the heart of any achievement lies the will to get it done. That show-up-every-day and fight-it-out with our dragons until we emerge victorious kind of determination. Bumps, bruises, hurdles, barriers, closed doors – to hell with them! I’m pushing through regardless. You see it in all of the great stories. Someone facing outrageous odds and impossible barriers to achieve some stupendous goal. Will applies equally to the day-to-day objectives. Even if you’re not trying to conquer the world, showing up every day and doing the little things to move the ball down the field is a reflection of will. Will is the marathon not the sprint – pushing through when it hurts the most. Want to lose weight? It is a series of decisions and behaviors that have to occur a thousand times or more – and you control it. Want to effect any change? Small steps every, single day. Your will determines the outcome.

ATTITUDE – It seems like the “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude” movement was big 15 or 20 years ago and you don’t see as much about it as you used to. I’m here to tell you that it is more important than ever. Attitude feeds everything. Your Will? It will run out of gas if you don’t maintain a positive attitude. Doubt will forever be creeping in on your dreams, your goals. The right attitude can extinguish doubt, keep it at bay and empower you to stay the course. Attitude isn’t simply a positive self-image. Attitude is a projection. It is how you see life. Challenges become opportunities with the right attitude. Personal slights become humorous with the right attitude. Negative energy can be re-channeled into positive energy with the right attitude. Attitude is infectious. And guess what? You control your attitude. It is a choice you make every day.

VISION – If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. What if I don’t know where I want to go or what I want to do? We all face this question. There are many people walking through their day today not sure of what they want to do. Career decisions, love decisions, family decisions etc. IT IS NORMAL. IT IS OK. We all wander from time to time. We all wonder from time to time. Hopefully, you are doing it frequently. Vision is not just about having a specific destination; it is about having an expectation for your life. Not sure of what you want to do? Then ask yourself, what kind of person do I want to be? All of us know what kind of person we want to be – we either choose not to ask or we choose not to pursue (sometimes both). Not sure of a career that seems interesting? Then think of places or people that seem interesting. This can be a company, a geography, a club, an association, a movement, a charity – some kind of community. Take yourself to the center of the things that move or interest you. A vision is a path, goal or hope. What do you hope for? Whatever it is, walk towards it and see what you find along the way. Just remember, there is no right answer – just the one you choose.

ENGAGEMENT – Nobody can do it alone. Let me repeat: NOBODY CAN DO IT ALONE!. Yes, I know you are the classic Type A conqueror; all fire and self determination. Bull@#*%. We all need somebody – in fact, we all need many somebodies to help us get through this thing called “life”. William Danforth says that the most valuable things we possess are the things that multiply when we give them away. This can only occur with and through other people. Our time. Our joy. Our energy. Our love. Engaging with those around us let’s our talents multiply because we are fueling someone else. In the process, we are receiving their gifts – their fuel. Engaging with people energizes us. Why? Because that is how we are made. Sure, people can suck the life out of us just as easily. This isn’t about the energy sinks. This is about your engagement. How you help others determines how you are helped. What you give drives what you get. Nobody will care how much you know until they know how much you care. Sincere, authentic caring drives relationships and relationships drive your possibilities. Engagement is not about waiting, it is active and it begins with YOU.

As for success, you define it. As for direction, you set it. As for your life, you drive it. Now its time to hop on YOUR W.A.V.E. and make it happen!

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