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3 Tips to Make Sure your Child’s Halloween Costumes are Safe

3 Tips to Make Sure your Child’s Halloween Costumes are SafeWe all want our kids to have fun during Halloween, but have you thought about the safety of their Halloween costumes?  While is important to think about the style of your child’s costume, it’s also important to think about the safety of that costume. When selecting a costume for your child, make sure you consider these safety guidelines.

Flame Retardant

Halloween costumes are required by law to be flame retardant. But it is still important to check. In 2001, the Disney Store recalled 54,000 Princess Ariel costumes after one girl received burn injuries.

Pick clothing that fits well and doesn’t hang. People love to decorate during Halloween, and some decorations include fire.  If a loose costume accidentally brushes against this, it won’t be a happy Halloween!


Full-masked halloween costumes can have a problem with ventilation. Most costumes don’t allow enough air flow for kids to breathe, which can result in carbon dioxide poisoning. Nose holes aren’t enough.  Carbon dioxide builds up over time, which can lead your child to faint from the lack of oxygen.

If your child wants to wear a mask, make sure it’s well-ventilated.  Masks should have multiple ventilation areas with big holes, such as hockey masks. If your child insists on looking like their favorite masked character, use makeup instead.


Another safety concern with kids’ Halloween costumes is visibility. This is twofold.

1. It’s important to make sure your child can see. Costumes with masks, hoods, or other vision-limiting pieces can make it difficult to see where he/she is going. To help them see:

  • Make sure that the mask’s eye holes are big enough.  Holes should be twice the size of your child’s eyes.
  • Make sure the mask lies flat on their face.

2. It’s also much more important to make sure your kids are visible. If costumes aren’t visible after dark, people and vehicles won’t see be able to see your child. A few guidelines for visibility:

  • If you can, stay away from dark clothing.  It decreases visibility.
  • Use reflective tape. Place two strips on your kids’ shoes and two strips on their Halloween costume.  These strips shine in the dark and alert drivers.
  • Have your kids carry a flashlight. Flashlights with a strap can hang it from their wrists, making it easier to carry.

It’s always important to keep your kids safe during the Halloween season, so start with their costumes.  Then you can focus on having a great Halloween you and your kids will remember for years to come.

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