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EHR Privacy- What are My Rights as a Patient?

EHR-Privacy-What-are-My-Rights-as-a-PatientWhen health records transitioned from paper to electronic form, one benefit was that it made it easy for a patient’s health information to be communicated between departments. But healthcare providers aren’t the only ones with access to the EHR. As the EHR contains personal information pertaining to them, patients have rights over their own records.

According to, under HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, patients have rights over both the content and use of their EHRs.

Right to access health information. Patients have the right to see and get a copy of their health records. If they have health information being held by a healthcare provider, a patient has the right to inspect and receive a free copy of it within (in most cases) 30 days. Only if provider deems that the information could physically harm the patient or another person can information be withheld.

Right to an accounting of disclosures of your health information. Patients have the right to know when their health care provider has shared their information outside of their practice, although there are some exceptions to this rule, including information shared for treatment or payment purposes.

Right to correct or amend your health information. If a patient feels that a mistake has been made with the information contained in their record, they can request it be changed. And if the healthcare provider does not agree, the request must be noted in the record.

Right to notice of privacy practices. Upon their first visit to your organization, patients’ rights require they be notified of your privacy practices in writing. This includes how you protect and share their information, as well as their rights.

Right to file a complaint. If a patient feels that their health information was not treated properly with regards to HIPAA regulations, they can file a complaint with the healthcare organization or with the Department of Health and Human Services.

State governments help protect patients. Though HIPAA provides the base level of rights for patients, many state governments have additional laws regarding patient rights over their EHRs and state attorney generals have the authority to enforce both federal and state regulations.

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