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In-House Dispensing: A Pediatric Resident’s Perspective

dIn-house dispensing is not only a topic of interest to hospital executives, but specifically to physicians and the patients. Perhaps one perspective not as commonly heard when it comes to in-house dispensing is the physician’s perspective. Second Year Pediatric Resident Christian Beuschel, who works at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, explains how the system he is acquainted with works and a few surprising things about the children he sees.

The hospital has an in-house dispensary, which is not uncommon for a children’s hospital. The pharmacy is not only a dispensary, but can also compound medications for more complex situations, which is not common in in-house dispensaries.

Dr. Beuschel mentions that the advantage of convenience is fairly straightforward. “I can see a patient in my Thursday clinic, prescribe a medication and send the parents off to the 2nd floor to pick it up right after.”

As the hospital and pharmacy have integrated electronic records, there is virtually no time lapse between sending the prescription over and having it filled, maybe 10 minutes at most.

“Probably something like 50 percent of my patients go ahead and use the onsite pharmacy because it’s right there,” Dr. Beuschel adds. “As for the other 50 percent, well, they either go to a local pharmacy or don’t end up going anywhere, which is just another issue altogether.”

Access is Important. Education is Paramount.

One of the factors that Dr. Beuschel explains about care among his patients is the importance of helping his patients’ parents understand why their children need to take the medication and to follow the course to its end. As the population he sees can vary from uninsured to insured and everything in between, the importance of educating parents on medications and following up with patients to see how they are doing is paramount.

Dr. Beuschel adds that he believes it’s great that the hospital hosts an in-house pharmacy and can send patients downstairs to fill prescriptions. What might be even more important is ensuring that patients not only have access to medication, which in-house pharmacies go a long way to help, but also follow through, which is where physicians can step in and provide in the doctor’s office.

Is your hospital considering an in-house dispensary or pharmacy? Talk to Northwind Pharmaceuticalsabout the value you can add through an in-house solution.

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