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Home Delivery Pharmacy Adds Value to Worksite Clinics

Onsite Dispensing

The traditional onsite clinic model integrates prepackaged medications for point-of -care dispensing.  This high value approach provides several key benefits:

  • Enhanced patient access to prescriptions increases compliance and reduces time off of work.
  • Onsite medications are a key driver of clinic utilization.
  • Prescription costs are lower due to wholesale access to medications.

Though the benefits are high, there are challenges with the onsite dispensing model:

  • Limited formularies capture a relatively small portion of overall prescribing, requiring patients to fill many prescriptions outside of the clinic.
  • Larger formularies increase clinical staff workload.

Home Delivery Pharmacy

Home delivery pharmacy provides a way for worksite clinics to extend the value of onsite/nearsite accessibility by delivering prescription medications directly to the patient’s home. Key benefits of this approach include:

  1. Broad access to virtually any medication.
  2. Option to redirect medication refills to the pharmacy rather than fill them in the clinic.
  3. Targeted cost containment programs for high cost drugs.
  4. Clinical coordination with pharmacists closely aligned with onsite clinic patients.
  5. Quick access to pharmacists for medication support.

A combined onsite and home delivery medication management model ensures that the worksite clinic is providing the best of both worlds to its patients and associated cost savings to the sponsoring employer. Successful programs can see prescription cost reductions of 20%-40% for medications offered through the onsite and home delivery dispensing model.

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