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RxStewardship: T is for Team

Week 4 – R X S T E W A R D S H I P


Are You All-In?

Most of my life has revolved around operating within a high-performance team. Having played and coached basketball at the collegiate level I have found an appreciation for all the aspects of a team performance. When taken in the context of sport, many think of winning the game or winning a championship. To evaluate total team performance, we need to look at more than just the 40 minutes that the game is played. We must look at all the game planning and preparation that goes into the execution on game-day.

Effective preparation encompasses practices and time in the weight room as well as reviewing film and scouting reports. Such preparation takes a commitment from each individual who is part of the team, not just the players but the coaches and support staff as well. It is not uncommon to hear a coach ask, “Are you all-in?” roughly translated to, “Are you doing everything in your individual power to make sure this team succeeds?” The team is always better when every individual is all-in.

Northwind Pharmaceuticals is all-in on helping our clients move towards Strategic Rx StewardshipTM. We are all-in on giving self-funded employers the tools to convert Rx spend into an Rx Investment.

What is your game plan? Do you have the means to execute your game plan? Are you achieving your goals? Who is on your team and are they all-in? 

Our Team

To help self-funded employers in their move towards Strategic Rx StewardshipTM, Northwind applies an all-in team approach. Utilizing our Lean Six Sigma roadmap process, our team engages with employers to identify different opportunities to impact their Rx Investment. This approach often begins with our Client Strategies and Data teams working through Advanced Analytics with an employer group to identify the initial “game plan”. We will refer to this “game plan” as Actionable Insights, these insights highlight the initial path that we will take to influence an Rx Investment.

Once we’ve built on our game plan, it’s time to execute. With improved Rx access and opportunities for empowerment, Northwind team members help our employer partners influence employee health through a clinic relationship focused on patient engagement and outcomes. Our Rx@Work team understands the importance of onsite medications to drive utilization and enhanced patient experience. Our pharmacy staff and Rx@Home team work closely with providers to ensure that patients have their medication refills conveniently delivered to their homes thereby allowing the clinic staff to engage their patients in a more meaningful way, while not worrying about refilling medications.

Delivering Northwind Clinical Blueprint programs is a total team effort. It takes coordination and planning that spans from the employer partner to the clinic staff and all the way back to the teams at Northwind. The collaboration between the Northwind team and your team is what leads to health goodness in the lives of your employees. It takes all parties to be “all-in” to change behaviors and move the dials on outcomes.

These programs empower the employers to do more with their Rx Investment. We all want more for our money, right? We want to know that the dollars that we are investing are working hard for us and our employees. That’s what Strategic Rx StewardshipTM is all about.

Why should you care about Northwind’s concept of teamwork?

Our all-in team approach can help self-funded employers engage employees, enhance outcomes, and empower their pharmacy benefit to do more. Long term success requires a team working towards a common goal. We share the common goal of helping our employees live happier & healthier lives while moving the dial on outcomes and changing our pharmacy spend into an Rx Investment. That is good stewardship.

If you are all in-on your employees and seek to extend the difference your pharmacy benefit can bring, let’s team-up and move towards Strategic Rx StewardshipTM together. Let’s have a conversation!

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