Ryan Choiniere

VP, Client Strategies
As a basketball coach at Hillsdale College, Ryan Choiniere learned how to motivate and lead high-performance teams. As VP, Client Strategies at Northwind Pharmaceuticals, Ryan works with our high-performance clients to leverage Strategic Rx Stewardship strategies to reduce costs and improve employee health outcomes. Using Northwind's Engage, Enhance, and Empower client playbook, Ryan provides implementation and transition support, custom solution development, and client-specific programming to increase engagement within an employer sponsored health center.

In his time at Northwind, Ryan has led numerous employer-sponsored health center implementations and helped transition a variety of multi-site health center groups to Northwind. Ryan's program management expertise has also been critical in helping Northwind clients leverage our Clinical Blueprint solutions. Ryan embodies Northwind's core values by Showing Up Every Day ready to do his best and always Being a Good Steward of client and company resources.

A four year collegiate basketball player, Ryan graduated from Hillsdale College with a BA in Management. He is an active member of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Indianapolis where he lives with his wife and their three children. When he's not making life better for his clients, Ryan uses his superpowers as an expert cook for the benefit of family and friends.

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