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Thank You for Your Vision, Boldness, Perseverance, and Heart

Thanksgiving has arrived once again and this week, the Northwind Family feels particularly grateful for the employers, unions, primary care providers, advisors, and patients, who give us the opportunity to work with them every day. The pharmacy and health benefits world is full of options and we feel very blessed that you choose our team to be your partner in health.

Part of our Thanksgiving process is to consider those with whom we work, and remember what makes them so special. Looking across the broad base of organizations and individuals who choose Northwind every day, we found some common traits, and today seems like a great day to celebrate them.

Thank you for your…

  • Vision. When it comes to health benefits and the healthcare they enable, status quo seems to be the name of the game. Self-funded plan sponsors have become very frustrated with the high costs, the resistance, the obfuscation, and the lack of innovation, that have cemented much of what we call American healthcare in entrenched mediocrity. It takes vision to see beyond the barriers to a better place. Today, we thank our partners for their amazing vision, born of optimistically creative thinking.
  • Boldness. Seeing a better future is one thing, but having the courage to pursue it is something quite different. Every day, we see our clients pursuing their vision for a better healthcare future with incredible boldness. Their efforts and impact, inspire other plan sponsors, and their boldness encourages their members to take the initiative in managing their own health. Today, we thank our partners for their bold choices, bold execution, and bold faith in what is possible.
  • Perseverance. No great thing is ever accomplished without the persistent effort to push through when challenges come, and setbacks threaten to derail the vision. Our clients aim for great things, and their perseverance through the tough times separates them from so many others who stopped short of the goal. A willingness to face the resistance and continue to exert the effort can move mountains. Today, we thank our partners for their perseverance in moving the healthcare mountain to a better place.
  • Heart. Saving money is important. Being a good steward is important. We see it in our clients but it’s their heart for the health of their members that really inspires us. Heart is the engine driving the vision, the boldness, and the perseverance. Heart is the energy source that keeps these leaders rolling when things get tough. Heart is the source of compassion that calls such visionaries to take the risks, make the choices, and push for more, when they see their members in need. Today, we thank our partners for their heart in seeing the dignity of every human being and the opportunity to serve them through innovative health programs.

We see these, and so much more, in the individuals and organizations with which we work and we thank you. Thank you for calling us to more. Thank you for inspiring us. Thank you for demanding more for your members. Thank you for resisting the status quo. Thank you for believing there is a better way, and having the courage to pursue it.

From our Family to yours, please have an amazing Thanksgiving with those you love as you remember all who are counting on you. Thank you for continuing to show up to change the world.

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